Which Free Image Editor to Use

Which Free Image Editor to Use

With social media moving so quickly, it feels like you’re forever creating content. If you’re not a professional graphic designer, you’ll want to find a free image editor that’s easy to use. So, I’ve put together a quick guide to free image editors, depending on what you want to use them for. Adding a Filter […]

Social Media Image Guide

Social Media Image Size Guide

Isn’t it annoying when you create a great image for Facebook, and it doesn’t look right on your Twitter page? Or when you take a photo and it won’t fit properly on Instagram? What you need is a Social Media Image Size Guide. As you know, things on social media change fast. so if you […]

Writing My 'About Me' Profile

Writing My ‘About Me’ Profile

Is there anything worse than having to talk about yourself? Maybe having to write it all down in an online profile? While writing the ‘About Me’ page for Social Media Carnie, I starting thinking about how a profile should look. At first, I fell into the trap of writing a CV-like profile. “Carneika is a very enthusiastic […]