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Hello World!

I’m Carnie, of Social Media Carnie

Social Media Strategist / WordPress Blogger

Here to help with all your social media problems


My Story

From the beginning, I started out as a Music Journalism student who loved to blog, go to gigs and write short stories. But it turns out that even though writing music reviews in exchange for free stuff is fun, it doesn’t pay the bills. So, I moved onto working for a corporate magazine. This turned me into a grammar freak who likes to overuse commas – and I finally figured out the correct usage of the semi-colon!

Moving on…

The corporate journalism world just wasn’t for me. I like to be creative and colourful, so I found myself making banners and pretty pictures for dog charities while I was figuring out my next step. I realised that I was pretty good at using social media to promote these charities and it was fun to help out a good cause. My love for blogging had also been renewed after writing a few posts for various websites. But if I wanted a professional career in social media I’d need to get some professional guidance.

So back to university I went!

Now here I am in the final stages of my Master’s in Social Media at BCU. I’ve learnt a lot from my lecturers and even more from my fellow students. So, I’m finally feeling ready to set up on my own as a social media strategist. If life has taught me anything it is to plan a strategy. Plus, I love a good to-do list.

Now I’m finally working on a project that is close to my heart. I met a lovely dietitian, Nishti, through my mom – who also went back to university. I started to give her some guidance on social media and realised that there are so many people working on good causes that need my help.

Health Matters, Social Media Matters was born. Read more about it here.


I also write for a fashion blog Alexie.co and occasionally write book reviews in exchange for free books! So if you’re looking for a copywriter, contact me. I love a bit of creative writing to clear my head.


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