Prepare Your Social Media Accounts Before You Go on Holiday

Prepare Your Social Media Accounts Before You Go on Holiday

Do you get that guilty feeling before you go on holiday? What’s going to happen to your social media accounts? You can’t afford to let those followers down. Yet you don’t want to spend your holiday staring at your Twitter feed. So, here’s my quick guide to help you prepare your social media accounts before you go on holiday.

  1. Let Your Followers Know in Advance

Depending on how long you plan on being away, you may want to let your followers know well in advance, or just as you leave. If you’re taking a few weeks out you definitely want to mention it more than a week in advance. Maybe create a graphic to pin to the top of your page. If you’re just going to be away for a day or two, you can probably get away with letting your followers know the day before.

Facebook screen shot
I’ve pinned this post to the top of my Facebook page
  1. Schedule Posts

    Usually, I wouldn’t advise you to schedule all your posts ahead. With social media moving so quickly, it means you can miss out on new trends. But, while you’re away, it’s more important that your social media accounts stay active. Create graphics in advance, share interesting ‘evergreen content’ or write a blog post.

Schedule Posts

  1. Write a Blog Post

    It very important that, while you’re away, your followers still get to see new content. Graphics and images are great, but a new blog post will keep your fans engaged. If you’re only away for a few days, one blog post should be fine. But if you’re planning to be away for over a week you should think about scheduling a few blog posts over the time you are away.

  2. Get Someone to Check In

If you’re worried about leaving your social media accounts unattended, leave your passwords with someone you trust. A member of your company or someone who understands your brand is best.

If you work alone, it can be trickier to find someone you trust. So, while I’m on holiday, I have decided to host a Twitter Takeover. This is basically when you get someone to take over your account. I’ve chosen my mom, as soon qualifies as a dietitian and is currently working as a dietetic support assistant.

A great example of Twitter Takeovers is @NHS. Every week they have a different person, related to the NHS, in charge of their account.

  1. Let Go!

This may go against everything else you read about social media, but it’s time to let go – for your holiday at least. If you’ve managed to prepare your social media accounts properly, you can afford to take some time off.

Pool - Prepare Your Social Media Accounts

If you can’t completely let go, choose two or three times to check your social media accounts while you’re away. Set an alarm, and resist having a look beforehand. You don’t want to spend your holiday with your phone stuck to your hand.

Have a Happy Holiday!

Avoid the last-minute panic, and follow these five tips to prepare your social media accounts before you go on holiday. Then kick back and enjoy the break!

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