Writing My ‘About Me’ Profile

Writing My 'About Me' Profile

Is there anything worse than having to talk about yourself? Maybe having to write it all down in an online profile? While writing the ‘About Me’ page for Social Media Carnie, I starting thinking about how a profile should look.

At first, I fell into the trap of writing a CV-like profile.

“Carneika is a very enthusiastic worker with the skills and knowledge to complete any task.” – how boring. I wanted my profile to say something about myself, my personality and my enterprise. So instead I decided to get creative and write my story.

Take a look and let me know what you think – About Carnie.

Now, this isn’t a ‘how to write a professional profile’ post because that would be too vague. The key to your ‘about me’ profile is to find your own voice. If you’re a lawyer or a doctor then maybe you do need a more professional-looking profile. But if you’re a sports dietitian or a health blogger then you can afford to write more casually or from a personal perspective.

The same goes if you’re a crafter, seamstress or even selling beauty products. When your brand is YOU, it’s important to come across as a real human being. No one wants auto-bot Carnie.

Professional Profile Photo

Carneika Washbrook About MeWhile we’re on the subject of profiles, a great professional profile needs a great picture. While I’m not completely happy with the one I have chosen, I think it hits the main three requirements:

  • Clear picture
  • Good lighting
  • Relevant

Remember, your profile picture with show up in different sizes depending on what device people are viewing your website or social media profile on. If there’s too much going on in your photo it won’t catch anyone’s eye, not for the right reasons anyway. There needs to be a focal point.


Here are a few different profile picture examples I found on Facebook and Twitter.

Well that’s it…

As I said, this is not a ‘how to’ post. But if you do want tips on writing your professional profile:
Don’t follow a template. Don’t get someone else to write it for you. Don’t copy and paste that ‘personal bit’ from your CV.

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